Insurance and Litigation Support
Advantec Engineering provides forensic investigations and materials failure analysis in support of insurance company investigations and litigation.
Advantec Engineering provides engineering support in cases involving:
  • Product liability
  • Commercial and residential property damage due to contractor negligence or equipment failure
  • Commercial and industrial equipment accidents and failures
  • Vehicle accidents
  • General aviation accidents, maintenance issues, and failures
  • Equipment fitness for service and warrantee claims
Engineering support may be in the form of on-site examinations, laboratory examinations, engineering research, detailed engineering reports, and expert witness testimony. Examples of the type of cases include:
  • Determination of the cause of leak in a chill water system in an apartment building

  • Analysis and testing of a bridge fender system weld fabrication quality after allision by a barge

  • Determination of the cause of a pipe rupture that killed two workers

  • Field inspection and analysis of the fitness for service of poorly fabricated weld joints in a large industrial component

  • Failure analysis of an industrial hydraulic lift

  • Determination of the cause of corrosion in a commercial display case that resulted in water leakage and a slip and fall accident

  • Failure analysis of a coupling in a fire protection system that resulted in flooding of a warehouse

  • Assessment of the level of corrosion present in a headlight to ascertain whether it had been broken prior to a vehicle accident

  • Determination of the cause of failure in a large electric generator at a commercial power plant
Understanding the cause of a material failure that leads to an accident or economic loss is crucial to any claim settlement or litigation.
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Stress Corrosion in a copper tube in a residential plumbing system
Poorly fabricated weld
Fractured plastic housing
Stereomicroscope view of the fracture surface of a chain link.
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