Forensic Engineering and Materials Failure Analysis

Advantec Engineering is an engineering services company that
specializes in determining how and why equipment and components fail.

We utilize our knowledge and expertise in metallurgy, mechanical
engineering, stress analysis, corrosion, welding, and other engineering
disciplines to piece together the answers to complex failure problems.

Related services include the determination of the fitness for service of
equipment that contains manufacturing defects or has deteriorated in
service due to corrosion, fatigue, mechanical damage, or improper use.
We apply our knowledge of material properties, international codes and
standards (such as the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, API
Fitness for Service Guidelines and ASTM standards), field inspections,
and laboratory testing to provide our clients with the answers they need
to make intelligent decisions.

For objective and unbiased analysis of materials problems,
Advantec Engineering is the source.
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